Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers set to have 60million war-chest to spend

Rodgers to be rewarded

Rodgers to be rewarded

Brendan Rodgers will be given the biggest war-chest in the history of Liverpool FC as a reward for guaranteeing Liverpool Champions League football, and possibly delivering the Premier League title.

Premier League leaders Liverpool can finish no lower than third place, which automatically places them in the Champions’ League group stages, well before of schedule.

Rodgers will be given at least 60million to spend, plus any made from sales.

Ian Ayre confirmed on Tuesday that Liverpool will be spending in the summer to help Liverpool challenge in more competitions.

Ayre said “What we achieved on Sunday was massive. This isn’t just about getting in the qualifiers [by finishing fourth] – we are guaranteed Champions League football. It is an unbelievable achievement from where we were.

“There is no question we always expected that the squad we need for next season will be very different to the squad that we have needed for this year when we were not playing in Europe. That has always been on the cards.

“We set out with an ambition to get into the Champions League, and now we are guaranteed third and we are determined to push on. It is all important for what we are trying to achieve.”

“It will cost what it costs when we decide who the manager wants to buy, but it has always been tougher in the transfer market when you are not competing at the highest level,” he added.

“We had the issue with Luis (Suarez, who was chased by Arsenal) last summer because he wanted to play in the best games against the best players. That is always a factor.

“There is no question it opens up a few doors for us and makes it a little bit easier.

“Even when you step through that door though, there are still a lot of others trying to get the same players. You can’t trade on a name, absolutely. You get a little bit of that, but there is definitely a challenge. That’s the reality.”

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  1. Full deserved… 🙂

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