Brendan Rodgers: We will move on from Luis Suarez

Rodgers and SuarezBrendan Rodgers has urged Liverpool fans to keep on believing in Liverpool and that there is life after Luis Suarez.

This is the first time Rodgers has spoken publically about Luis Suarez since the 75million deal for Luis Suarez was confirmed.

“Luis going doesn’t lessen our ambitions – we want to continually improve. I thank Luis contribution over the years at the club, he’s a wonderful player, but we will move on,” he explained.

“Luis, in his contribution over the years, has been wonderful but he has moved on and I will concentrate on the players we have – and who have won many games without him playing.”

Rodgers has vowed to bring in more signings, although they might not be direct replacements for Suarez.

“We’re working hard behind the scenes to get the best players- not a direct replacement, but who can add things to our game again,” he explained.

“We will go and do our best. Our best last year nearly won us the title. It’s going to be competitive because everyone is strengthening but the beauty is we are a young group and will progress again.

“It will be a really exciting season and this year we will have the belief to go with the quality. The players we have here are a fantastic group who have won many games without Luis.”


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